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These two gentlemen have travelled a long way before coming together as Hihna. Along the way their paths crossed several times, first time when they both played with a singer & songwriter Jussu. About the same time they played in a famous tv- band, " the Enoset ", and they were blessed to be able to play to the Finnish viewers with some of the most popular personalities within the Finnish music- scene today. In a way this all helped them to re-explore some thrown-away riffs and create a new electroacoustic experience, better known as HIHNA!

Year 2002 did not see Hihna play a single gig ... but friends, do no longer be sad because year 2002 saw the birth of the first Hihna- music video, directer by Kari Juusonen ! And that's not all, apart from production- plans for another video ( by Maka Lahtinen ) there is a ... be sure you're sitting ... full length album coming out this year !!! That's right, folks, nothing more, nothing less than the debut album from Hihna. Also new web- pages are under work as we speak, so be sure to tune in now and then, there might well be new info available ... sooner than you can spell H I H N A ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



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